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King's Cliffe Endowed Primary School

Growing a Love for Learning

Year 5 News

NMPAT Compositional Project

Year Five ands Six were incredibly lucky to take part in a NMPAT composition project. Working with a professional composer, the children helped to create a performance to reflect the ‘Journey of the River Nene’, using a large variety of musical instruments. The children got a chance to increase their awareness of rhythm, pitch, tempo, range and pulse whilst taking part in the composing element of the project too; some children even got the chance to become the conductor for over 80 children – wow. What a musical treat!



Lyveden New Bield Music Performance

Year Five and Six, in the Summer term, have been taking part in a National Trust music event. To begin their journey, the children visited the National Trust property to learn about the religious, and political, history of the venue. This was the background to the event and the children LOVED learning about the incredibly unique venue. Following this, Year Five and Six took part in a series of music workshops with professional singers in order to learn Syrian, Latin and English songs to represent the journey that the building underwent through its history. To complete the fantastic project, the children took part in a concert on the Saturday evening, alongside choirs and professional singers to over 200 members of the public. What an incredible experience!



Year 5 have had a fabulous term looking at Star Wars.  They made themed cakes and played the title tune on sticks in the classroom. Check out the videos below to see what a great time they all had. Click here to view the curriculum for the term.




Music Workshop Year Five 

During our topic of Star Wars, we had a very exciting music workshop that began by focussing on composers, famous composers and their life stories. We learnt all about John Williams; he composed the Star Wars soundtrack that we then learnt, using the Boomwhackers. To finish our workshop, we performed to the whole school as a full ensemble – yay!




Year 5 had a fabulous visit to the Duxford recently. They visited the Imperial War Museum's display of assorted historical and interesting aircraft.  They also saw the amazing SR71 Blackbird - the fastest aircraft ever built.




Years 5 and 6 had a fabulous time at their residential week in Mount Cook.  Check out the video produced by Miss Knight to get an idea of the fun they all had.





Year 5’s Awesome Adventures

Autumn Term

Year Five have had some very exciting trips this year. They have taken part in a special STAR WARS WORKSHOP. They became ‘Jedi in Training’ and were instantly transported to Tatooine for their trails. Year Five had to complete three separate courses throughout the day in order to pass their Jedi Level One to become a Jedi. All of Year Five passed their training; they were rewarded with a unique, personalised cinema experience in the afternoon, alongside craft activities. What a day! We have written some amazing things in line with our Star Wars topic, including Dart Vader’s very own soliloquy and a science fiction story of our own creation that delved into the wonderful world of Star Wars. Alongside all of our exciting learning in and out of the classroom, we completed our very own Class Assembly this term of ‘STAR WARS BLIND DATE’. We learnt so much through this and had an amazing time acting to our parents and the rest of the school.

Spring Term

Year Five have visited Peterborough Cathedral, when they took part in a special commemoration service for Katherine of Aragon alongside dignitaries from the Spanish Embassy. As well as this, Year Five took a very exciting trip to Holdenby House. During this day, they took part in cooking, dancing heraldry and Pike drill. The Spring term brought our dramatic sides out in the Oundle Festival; we came first in our class with an incredibly 89% score. We performed the Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll and Face The Front by John Coldwell. What a performance! We could not be prouder to represent our school at such a renowned festival.

Summer Term

Kicking off our exciting Summer Term was a compositional project with a composer, who taught and developed his very own piece of music with us, to perform to an audience at St Peter’s church in Oundle. He came in to work with us in school, using a variety of musical instruments – we even got to take turns becoming the conductor. We performed wonderfully and the piece really did reflect the journey of the River Nene as it was interpreted to do. Following this, both Year Five and Six took part in a fantastic opportunity alongside the National Trust. Visiting Lyveden New Bield as the start of our project, the children learn all about the religious and political history of the building in the Tudor times, when it was built. With two workshops in school to follow this, the children extended their understanding of the history of music, pitch, tempo and rhythm by learning songs in Syrian, Latin and English for the National Trust concert; the majority of our Year Five and Six children performed in the exciting concert, alongside professional singers and choirs. An exciting trip to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford meant that the children got to see the aircraft, land vehicles and many other incredible artefacts from World War Two in a beautiful venue. Finishin off our incredible term, we all planned and took part in our TASC week, focussing on Enterprise. We used our team skills to work together to create WW2 inspired items and rationed food.

Duxford Imperial War Museum



Holdenby House Trip 13.2.18