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King's Cliffe Endowed Primary School

Growing a Love for Learning

Year 3 News

Year three took part in some marvelous musical activities and created some banging beat with nothing but their hands and feet: Check out our audio track recorded during their class.

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During the autumn term, we went to the Roald Dahl museum and had an absolutely fantastic time! We stood inside his writing room and explored how he created new characters for each of his book. We then had our own go at creating some new characters by dressing ourselves up to help the creativeness flow!


During the spring term we had a visit from a real life Viking! He was terrifying at first but by the end of the day he had taught us so much about Viking lifestyles, how they named this, how they fought their battles and even how the punished people.


In science we have discovered all about how our bodies work. We looked at the skeleton and all the muscles and worked out which muscles do what by playing on our out-door apparatus.

Also in science, we have discovered all about light and how different objects will make different shadows. We tested this by creating our own body shapes and drawing round them in chalk on the playground.

Also, we designed an experiment to see how well cress seeds would grow in different conditions. Some had the perfect conditions and grew beautifully, healthy and green. Others weren’t so lucky and ended up yellow and small if they grew at all!

In mathematics, we love to go outside! We went exploring around the school trying to find different perpendicular and parallel lines, used different sized containers and measuring cylinders to measure capacity and even measured the perimeter of different shapes using trundle wheels!

We will also use concrete apparatus as much as possible to help ourselves in our learning. We have created 3D shapes, used arrays to help with division and dienes equipment to help us with our understanding of place value.

In design and technology, we created special necklaces based upon designed found from the Stone Age. We use air drying clay and yarn to hold them together. The different shapes on the yarn represented different items. They were called the ball, the cube and the bone!

In English, we love to use a stimulus to help get our creative minds working. We have used drama techniques to place ourselves in to different settings and help us to describe characters. We have even created our own healthy chocolate bars to help us write our instructions.