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King's Cliffe Endowed Primary School

Growing a Love for Learning

Year 2 news

Here you can read about what our year 2 children have been learning this year.

Year 2 Autumn Half Term

This half term, year two have been very busy immersing themselves in their new topic; The Great Fire of London. We have had lots of fun learning about the significant events and people, we even got to bury some cheese and wine in our school playground, just like Samuel Peyps did in 1666. We have written our own diary entries too to recall all of the important details so people in the future can still learn about what happened. In art, we have been busy creating our own 3D Tudor houses, which we burnt to replicate the fire spreading. We found this to be very exciting, although we are glad that our houses are not made from wattle and daube like they used to be. We have discovered lots of facts this half term and have enjoyed combining our new knowledge to all of our subjects (even our maths questions are about the great fire!). In science, we have been learning about Everyday Materials and their uses. We investigated what the best material would be to make a fire blanket out of and have enjoyed learning about the sorts of things you can do with different materials. 

Year 2 Summer

Year 2 Spring

Year Two trip to Stibbington

Year Two Autumn new 2018

Our theme this half term has been ‘Our School – Now.’ We focused on the story ‘Superworm’ in English and used this to think about the structure and features of a story. After spending time becoming familiar with the text, we wrote our own supercreature stories. We had great fun with this and enjoyed telling our stories to each other.

In Geography, we looked at maps and practised using our map reading skills to move around our school. We made keys and thought about what made the keys easy to use.



Summer Term

During Summer children began a new theme ‘Pirates.’ The children were very excited and completed lots of independent research to begin our topic. One of the most exciting days was when ‘Pirate Rocky Cliffe’ came to work with us and we got to be pirates. Captain Rocky Cliffe shared lots of fun facts with us, allowed us to walk his plank, we played hoops and also completed a treasure hunt to find the treasure. We have loved exploring the new outside learning environment and are looking forward to exploring this even more in Year 3.

DT Pirate day

During Summer 2 we enjoyed a pirate DT day. We came to school dressed in our finest pirate clothes and had lots of fun. We made pirate ships for a science investigation with each group choosing their own investigation question and ways of answering this. They also made their own pirate weapons which they had fun testing to see if they worked. They also made pirate wanted posters and solved pirate word problems. It was a fantastic day and the children worked so hard.