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Teaching & Learning


  • To ensure that every child has access to the full National Curriculum including
 religious education.
  • To agree Curriculum policies and schemes of work as written by the Headteacher and Staff and provide the information to the Governing body.
  • To support the Headteacher and Staff in the development of a curriculum framework.
  • To prioritise curriculum developments according to need.
  • To monitor national test results and make comparisons with other schools using the information to approve targets set for school improvement.
  • To recommend statutorily required annual targets to the Full Governing body for approval.
  • To monitor the Performance Management cycle as it relates to curriculum developments.
  • To ensure draft policies are prepared or regularly reviewed for Governing body approval in respect of sex education, home school agreements, pupil discipline and pupil admissions.
  • To provide guidance in the development of Policy provision and procedures in line with the following areas:
    • Inclusion (including SEN, Gifted and Talented, Looked After Children,)
    • Attendance and Punctuality,
    • Behaviour for Learning,
    • Safeguarding of children (including Child Protection; Anti Bullying; Health & Safety and Illness),
    • Celebrating Student Achievement and Successes.
    • Healthy Food and Drink Provision,
    • Curriculum,
    • Uniform and Student Appearance,
    • Home School Agreement,
    • Extended Schools
  • To consider pupil view points and opinions
  • To consider parent and community points and opinions
To receive and review annual data relating to attendance, exclusions, SEN, and Gifted and Talented
  • To monitor and report on use of Pupil Premium.
  • To monitor and ensure that relevant aspects of Equality Act are actioned.