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TASC - Thinking Actively in a Social Context.

Each year, children lead their learning and demonstrate their learning to others through TASC events (see below for full explanation of TASC).  TASC stands for Thinking Actively in a Social Context.  This not only provides children with the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learnt over the last term; it also provides opportunities for parents to come into school on a regular basis to get involved and share in their children’s successes.

The Summer term TASC is an Enterprise event for children.  This is when the children become entrepreneurs and set up their own small business.  This additional challenge gives children the opportunity to consider what goes into running a business and the importance of having strong Mathematical and English skills needed to ensure they make a profit. 

Here is some information about TASC.

TASC stands for 'Thinking Actively in a Social Context'.

The Key aims:  

  • To Develop skills of research, investigation and problem solving that can be used across the curriculum.
  • To develop a positive sense of self as an active learner.
  • To develop their strengths, exploring and using the full range of their human abilities.
  • To develop skill of self-assessment.

The children use the elements of the TASC wheel to support this learning:

  • Gather and Organise.
  • Identify
  • Generate
  • Decide
  • Implement
  • Evaluate
  • Communicate
  • Learn from Experience.