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Eco Council

Eco council is made up of pupils from across the school.

Eco Council is a group of children who are trying to help our school become more environmentally aware and eco friendly.

The Eco-council meet fortnightly and the children have a chance to express their thoughts, views and ideas about the environment and how we can protect and take care of it. We discuss school eco issues and plan future eco events.

This year our Eco Council have been working towards renewing our Green Flag award. 

Kings Cliffe Eco-Code


O Our world is very special and important to us and our families and we need to look after it. So we will try to
U Use cars less, especially for short journeys and walk to school if possible or park and stride.
R Remember to reduce, reuse and recycle.
W We will grow flowers for bees.
O Only use lights when we are in the room, to save energy.
R Reduce the amount of water we use by turning taps off as soon as possible.

Look after the bird area (clean the bird bath often, feed the birds) and garden area (weed it, plant vegetables/fruit/flowers)

D Do our best to keep filling the compost bin.