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8th October Pupdate!

Mabel is 6 months old and over the last few months she has been to puppy socialising classes and she has now started her 1:1 training. Mabel is doing very well – she has learnt already to return on command from a long distance –(there are occasionally too many temptations such as  other dogs to play with – but she eventually decides she will come J), to sit, lie down, stand and even do one or two tricks! We are still working on walking to heel all the time and on her not getting too excited when meeting other dogs and people. The older children have been helping with this – Year 6 have had Mabel in their classroom for two mornings this week and Mabel did herself proud, staying calm and lying by the children whilst they worked.  Thank you Year 6  for your help!

We will put some short videos of Mabel training on the website. We will let you know when they are up.