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King's Cliffe Endowed Primary School

Growing a Love for Learning

School Development Plan

The aim of the School Development Plan (SDP) is to continuously improve pupils’ academic achievement and personal development. The School Development Plan sets out the school’s strategy and development planning for the academic year and in some cases specific priorities may run over two years.

The Plan is developed through School Self-Evaluation and is reviewed annually.  The school priorities are decided upon through the anlaysis of data, discussion by, and consultation with, staff, governors, parents and pupils and also incorporates the school’s response to the recommendations made in its last Ofsted Inspection report.  School Self-Evaluation may also lead to the plan being amended during the year.

The Subject Leaders have detailed Action Plans for the subject areas they are responsible for and these link closely with the school’s priorities set out in its SDP.  

If you would like to comment on the SDP, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Bowyer, the Headteacher –